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Global crisis - THE GAME

What the global crisis, if it is not a widespread feeling of helplessness and submission to the uninterrupted flow of events? However these events, we make them all together, and our shared sense of helplessness and submission is undoubtedly one of the main engines that produce them. The loop endless loops. All anticipate its next revolution. Everyone fears that the next one, more powerful and devastating than the previous, reach him personally. Every day, more people are predicting that will happen soon a "war of all against all", the "big night", the "accident of accidents" and the final catastrophe.

Quit the game? It is no longer possible.
Act? Would only strengthen the movement and madness.
Think? Even the search for an explanation of the situation of the world has become a war.

So what? Play!

Global crisis - the GAME is available everywhere and at all times, on all types of computers and mobile phones. Everyone can enjoy it, regardless of age, language, culture and education. Global crisis - the GAME is built on the model of the global crisis (*). The number of participants is unlimited. Everyone can interact in real time in an image that is the result of the actions of all. Events are emerging endlessly. Each participant interprets and responds to them, and so on... The overall picture is free (copyleft). Each can display it, print it, save it, etc..
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