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My Facebook Invoice data
(Draft of the) Real time monitoring of the MyFacebookInvoice initiative

Disclaimer: MyFacebookInvoice is an action-research in the field of ArtScience, that explores the complex formation of the "reality" in the universe of networks, media, finance, technology, fame, opinions and behaviors, etc. The following statistical representations allow to observe the entanglement of all these components. The mere existence of these statistics and the fact that they are known and interpreted are likely to alter them. These data are therefore an integral part of the universe they describe.

This draft was put here for the first time on February 3, 2018. These curves evolve in real time (reload the page to observe the evolution).
They will be soon supplemented by further statistical analysis (see call for participation below).

Call for participation: If you want to participate in the statistical work on the MyFacebookInvoice experiment, please contact OlivierAuber
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